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2 comments on “CONTACT”

  1. Sandi

    Hi Barbara,
    I purchased your, Life Prep, book to do with my daughter in this last high school year. She plans to go to college and I love the ideas in the book. I need help trying to estimate how much time to spend on the different areas. I have picked some books for the section on Living, and plan to go over the following projects; Credit Card, Car Projects, Rent, Food, Utilities and Budgeting. Normally, I really like having a well laid out plan to help me know how to budget the time. Can you just give me some ideas as to how to spread these things out over the year?
    Thank you, Sandi Barton

  2. admin

    Hi Sandi,

    Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words about the book. If you assign a project a week plus some reading assignments for a total of an hour a day, five days a week, that would translate into one credit hour, and your daughter will probably get through all the projects you’ve listed plus quite a bit of reading. Since you just have one year to work with, you’ll want to start with the projects and books that you think are the most important, because she may get bogged down in the second semester, depending on how rigorous her schedule is, if she has a job, etc. You know your daughter best, and so you know which projects and books are the priority for her to read first. Then, if there’s time, you can always add more projects, further reading, and even some reports on what she read.

    Hope that helps!

    Barbara Frank

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