Secrets of Small-House Living

Secrets of Small-House Living
by Claire Middleton

The McMansion era is over! Today’s home buyers are snapping up small houses while McMansions linger on the market. People are tired of caring for (and paying for) far more space than they really need, and they’re learning that a small house is the answer to a financial reversal, an empty nest or simply a desire to live sustainably.

In Secrets of Small-House Living, Claire Middleton (author of Downsizing Your Life for Freedom, Flexibility and Financial Peace) shows you how to take advantage of the small-house trend so you can have more free time to do what you enjoy…and more money left over at the end of each month.

Even if you’ve lived in large homes for years, you’ll love the ease and convenience of having just enough space to be comfortable, once you learn a few new habits.

In Secrets of Small-House Living, you’ll discover:

The advantages of living in a small house
How to find the right small house for your needs
How to choose which furnishings to take with you
Decorating tips to make any small house feel comfy yet roomy
Strategies for living well in a small house

If you’re tired of the work and expense involved in living large, let Secrets of Small-House Living encourage you.

Secrets of Small-House Living
Author: Claire Middleton ● Parker-Elgin Press: 2014
eBook File Size: 239 KB
● $2.99


About the Author

Claire Middleton is a freelance writer who learned how to downsize and declutter after moving three times in four years, going from a 5-bedroom house to a tiny ranch, and selling or donating more than half of her family’s possessions in the process. When she’s not writing, she’s usually in the kitchen or the garden.

Reviews for Secrets of Small-House Living:

5.0 out of 5 stars Great read! August 4, 2014
I Really enjoyed this book. I recently downsized and needed to reaffirm our decision. We love our Smallhouse and the freedom that it affords us. I do however need to do some more cleaning up of possessions and needed a bit of a pep talk. This book did that for me.

5.0 out of 5 stars great reading August 19, 2014
By Laura
I like the authors way of sharing her experiences and the experiences of others. I learned a lot from her.

on August 30, 2014
This book gives you a lot to think about especially when you are at the stage of downsizing, ie the kids have left home and the house is too big for one person. Do we really need as much or is more just adding to our everyday stress. When you work you have enough to deal with therefore a smaller house means you don’t have to deal with just as much at home. You only feel guilty for not doing stuff when you know it has to be done. I also like Claire’s style of writing very much.

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