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The Missing Jurors by F.B. Timmerman

When a jury determining the fate of a corrupt police chief’s wife doesn’t deliver the decision her husband wanted (and paid for), the jurors are gunned down in the courtroom as punishment. But two jurors narrowly escape: Daniel Harrison, a Christian married man with children, and Emma Watkins, a beautiful young single woman. Together, they flee for their lives.

The police chief wants his corrupt behavior hidden, but the man he paid to do his dirty work, The Fixer, has his reputation to protect as well. Both parties search for The Missing Jurors in order to eliminate details proving the trial was fixed—permanent silence is their goal. Daniel and Emma must keep ahead of their many pursuers as they attempt to reach a safe haven.

The Missing Jurors
Author: F.B. Timmerman ● Parker-Elgin Press: 2014
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About the Author

F.B. Timmerman lives in the Midwest, where he “lives quietly, minds his own business and works with his hands” (1 Thessalonians 4:11). One of his children has special needs, a blessing that influenced the writing of his first book, The 40 Days: A Novel.

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